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Episode 1 : S.O.L.D  !!! DRAGON TAN The Vales- 3Bedrm Premium For Sales (Come & Be My Neighbour)

Episode 1 : S.O.L.D !!! DRAGON TAN The Vales- 3Bedrm Premium For Sales (Come & Be My Neighbour)

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Closing 32 Directs Buyers at Piermont Grand in 1 Day                             23rd July 2019 



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Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! 

My name is Dragon (Noel) Tan and I have been practicing as a real estate consultant for 13 years . Til date, i have transacted hundred of EC and Condo Transactions. Providing and Helping hundred of HDB Upgraders & EC owners on their subsequent Upgrading plan . & Customising a Retirement Roadmap for every individual family.

Currently I have been in Propnex Realty Pte Ltd, the largest Real Estate agency In Singapore with more than 7,500 agents for the past 7 years. 

Til date with all Blessings, I have won a number of Awards and Accolades and have been humbly featured in the Propnex Millionaire Segment most recently in 2017. On a few occasions, I have also won the Platinum Achievers Award, the highest accolade in Propnex, for Achievers who produce more than $100,000 for that particular month.

I am especially grateful to all the opportunities the society has given to me and what Almight Lord has endowed upon me.

As part of social responsibility ,involvement in  community and charitable involvement , I am truly proud to be awarded & conferred Propnex 2018 Charity Ambassador by President Mdm Halimah Yacob. 

In Oct 2019 , Dragon Learning Academy Pte Ltd (DLR) was established with the objective of organising course for Agents Training and Empowerment , & Public Outreach. In a short span of 4 months , more than 50 agent was graduated from DLR .

As a form of expressing our gratitude back to the society , I am also a supporter of 1M65 ( CPF) . You can click on 1M65 & 4M65

to watch the Webinar which my Academy Dragon Learning Resources Pte Ltd has organised with Mr CPF ( Mr Loo Cheng Chuan) back in April and May 20.on how Singaporean can retire using CPF as retirement tools.

In aspects of my professional  services, I provide advices to private property investors on the property market, favourable locations for purchase and suitable property recommendations as well as guidance to HDB upgraders to restructure their property portfolio. 

My past property transactions include landed property, resale condominium, new project launches, new EC launch and HDB as part of my residential portfolio, as well as JTC factory purchases, B1 and B2 factories and CBD office leasing as part of my commercial portfolio. 

With almost ten years of experience in the real estate industry, I am a seasoned consultant who has been conducting past training workshops for hundreds of property agents on Property Portfolio Restructuring, Legacy Planning and Property Investment. 

I have received numerous positive feedback and am truly humbled by clients' testimonials on how they have benefited from my consultations and guidance on their asset progression planning.  


I have a strong conviction towards improving the lives of my clients and am genuinely happy when I have made a positive impact in their asset progression plans. 

Yours Sincerely And Committed Freehold Friend

Dragon ( Noel ) Tan

Chief Asset Progression Planner

Propnex Millionaire Realtor

Propnex Charity Ambassador

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